Donor Relations

Fostering Long-term Involvement

The Association of Donor Relations Professionals defines Donor Relations as the comprehensive effort of any nonprofit to provide donors with a high-quality experience when seeking philanthropic support, as well as to foster the donor’s long-term engagement with and investment in the organization.

At UVA, our approach to stewardship is defined by three core values: collaboration, communication, and consistency. By sharing accurate information with schools and units across Grounds, we can ensure that our development professional colleagues can make the best possible decisions in service of our donors and University. This coordinated, donor-centric approach promotes a unified mindset that is vital to the success of our current campaign and our future endeavors.

Our Donor Relations teams works with every school and unit across Grounds to create the best experiences for our donors, and we continue to be open to new collaborations by request. 


The Donor Relations team in University Advancement reports to Andrea Devine, Assistant Vice President and Chief of Staff.

Donor Relations, University Advancement

Sasha Monty, Director of Donor Relations, University Advancement

Strategic Events

Danielle de Almiñana, Assistant Director of Strategic Events, Donor Relations

Isabelle Shickle, Assistant Director of Strategic Events, Donor Relations

Matthew Blough, Donor Relations Coordinator, Strategic Events

Strategic Stewardship

Theresa King, Associate Director of Strategic Stewardship, Donor Relations

Caroline Kelly, Assistant Director of Strategic Stewardship, Donor Relations

Paige Kostanecki, Assistant Director of Strategic Stewardship, Donor Relations

Michael Marzella, Advancement Coordinator for Donor Relations

Tiffany Morris, Assistant Director of Strategic Stewardship, Donor Relations

Sarah Robinson, Donor Relations Coordinator, Strategic Stewardship

Donor Relations Key Events and Holidays Calendar

This calendar lists the following categories: 

  • Events managed by the Donor Relations team
  • University school and unit board meetings
  • Football and men's basketball games
  • Key University holidays

For questions about this calendar or to share additional info and dates, you may contact Brandi Duncan.

Collaborative Programs and Services

Tiffany Morris, Assistant Director, Strategic Stewardship leads annual endowment reporting for all Rector & Visitors held funds. To qualify for an annual endowment report, donors must have given at least $10,000 to an endowed fund held by Rector and Visitors. Reports are drafted in collaboration with partners across Grounds and sent out each fall to donors via the Ovrture platform, or via print by request. 

Theresa King, Associate Director, Strategic Stewardship is the lead on scholarships held in Rectors & Visitors, including the Bicentennial Scholars Fund.

Theresa manages Advancement’s relationship with Student Financial Services (SFS), leads outreach to scholarship recipients, collaborates with development officers, and coordinates scholarship endowment and impact reports for R&V-held scholarships and all need-based Bicentennial Scholarships.

Sarah Robinson, Strategic Stewardship Coordinator leads the Hoos Grateful event each spring. Hoos Grateful is a pan-University event where students discover and celebrate philanthropy at UVA, and show appreciation to our donors by handwriting notes and filming thank you videos. Please reach out to Sarah to learn about how your school/unit can partner and participate. 

Paige Kostanecki, Assistant Director, Strategic Stewardship writes personalized acknowledgement letters on behalf of the University President and Vice President for Advancement.

Caroline Kelly, Assistant Director, Strategic Stewardship oversees three pan-University giving societies that together comprise the Leaders in Philanthropy program:

  • Cornerstone Society, which recognizes planned giving
  • Lawn Society, which recognizes lifetime giving of $500,000+ (those whose cumulative lifetime giving reached $100K before the close of FY19 were grandfathered into membership)
  • Rotunda Society, which recognizes annual leadership giving of $2,500+ ($1,000+ for recent graduates), membership resets at the start of each fiscal year

For more information on Leaders, please visit the website: A comprehensive list of giving societies across Schools & Units is available at the bottom of this page.

Sasha Monty, Senior Associate Director, Strategic Stewardship collaborates with the Planned Giving Team and pan-University partners to create and maintain custom stewardship plans and reporting for select high-level donors.

Tiffany Morris, Assistant Director, Strategic Stewardship works with University Advancement gift officers to send the University Advancement Thanksgiving Card. Contact Tiffany to request cards to send to donors in your portfolio by September annually.

Communities of Practice innovate and learn through discussions, joint activities, and sharing information and resources. The Stewardship Community of Practice is focused on helping development staff across Grounds improve the donor experience. Learn more.

Events are an integral component of the donor experience. They foster connections between the University and its donors, alumni, and friends. University Advancement Strategic Events serves as a central consulting and planning group for activities with a development focus. We manage the President’s development and engagement events, support Advancement board and council meetings, plan recognition dedications, and collaborate with partners across Grounds on milestone celebrations.

For questions regarding upcoming events, please contact Brandi Duncan.