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University Advancement Services (UA Services) combines gift processing activities, records management, biographic record updates, and gift accounting into one comprehensive operation within University Advancement. The University Advancement Services team provides concierge services to our community and our donors.

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Fiscal Year End 2024 Gift Processing

High-Touch Gift Watch List

In December 2020 we introduced high-touch gift “watch list” that was extremely successful. This kept us informed of our high touch donors and their expected gift transactions in advance of receiving them and allowed us to provide premium customer services with immediate feedback to our Advancement community partners. High-touch gifts that we want to watch for generally meet the following criteria:

  • Gifts of any type in the amount of $100,000 or above
  • Gifts of stock (any amount)
  • Wire transfer (any amount)

Help us track your gifts and ensure high accuracy by completing the "Watch List" form. Please consider letting us know now what you're expecting and any special handling you'll need from UA Services. This form will be available until noon on July 12th, 2024.


Ways to Give Reminder

  • Now is the time to remind your donors of the various ways to give to UVA. This information is available in this Ways to Give Reference Sheet. All gift remittances should be mailed directly to our P.O. Box in Boone, Iowa for expedient processing.
  • It is important that you check your mailboxes and desks for any checks or gift documents received from donors by mail. For occupants of Old Ivy Building, all mail sent to OIB will be opened and remitted by our onsite staff. If you receive a check onsite, please use the supplied business reply envelopes (BREs) to forward checks and gift source to Boone, Iowa. 

Calendar Year End Processing Schedule

  • Please view this gift processing calendar regarding banked days, processing deadlines, and holiday closures.
  • UA Services will be available to assist you and our donors during normal operating hours.  Please note that we will be closed on July the Fourth to observe the holiday. 
  • If you have any questions, please email or call University Advancement Services at 434-924-7018.

Biographic Record Updates

  • Coordinates with Digital & Technology team for semi-automated biographic record updates
  • Coordinates with Digital & Technology team for NCOA address updates
  • Performs received biographic record updates

Gift Accounting

  • Create Gift Accounting Fundraising Reports
  • Process all requests for new allocation creation (except: AA/UVa Fund, McIntire, and Batten) in Advance Web
  • Monthly reconciliation of all R&V gifts in Advance vs. cash received in the financial system (Oracle)
  • Reconciliation of giving data feeds from Law and Athletics
  • Daily reconciliation and depositing of previous day's cash gifts received at UAS *As of July 1, 2020
  • Reconciliation of bank and brokerage accounts *As of July 1, 2020
  • Deposit transfer checks from foundations
  • Record private grants into Advance Web
  • Generate monthly Giving Reports on annual fundraising progress
  • Provide expertise on gift policy and acceptance rules and guidelines
  • Determine and reconcile the Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) match amounts for the ongoing donor matching fund initiatives, including Bicentennial Scholarships, Fellowships, and Professorships
  • Continual reviews of giving data to ensure accuracy and completeness of donor records

Gift Processing

  • Gift processing
  • Pledges, pledge payments, pledge reminders
  • Planned gifts
  • Gift receipting
  • Cryptocurrency guidance (contact Mike May)

Records Management

  • Maintains records related to UVA donors and prospects and is the official record keeper of prospect research and other relevant records not maintained in Advance. These records are sometimes referred to by our colleagues as the “central files.” It's to our benefit to keep key documents that inform our work, yet it's critical to not save everything. Learn more: Advancement Records Management


July 1, 2020, University Advancement transitioned to a hybrid gift processing model which incorporates automation to improve customer service, accuracy, and the donor experience at a significantly reduced cost. UVA receives approximately 100,000 gifts each year.  Around 50 percent are received online and paid with a credit card, and the other half originate through direct marketing efforts via pledge card reply devices returned to UVA through the U.S. Postal service. 

University Advancement Operations has contracted with CDS Global, a Hearst Company, to maximize offline gift processing. CDS Global processes all mailed gifts (checks and credit cards); open, sort, scan, image, and deposit. CDS processes daily, sending the export files of gifts and biographical updates to University Advancement Services (UAS) to load into Advance.  CDS also sends all originals of gift agreements, planned gifts, correspondence, and anything they cannot process as gifts to UA Services.

University Advancement Services processes all online gifts, pledges, matching gifts, stock gifts, and other gift or tender types that are not processed by CDS Global. All mailed gifts (checks and credit cards) received at the school or unit must be immediately sent to the P.O. Box address in Boone, Iowa. University Advancement will no longer accept walk-in gifts as these delay processing and donor acknowledgement by a minimum of three days. For questions or special handling regarding high-touch gifts, contact UA Services. 

How To

Offline Gifts

All offline gifts should be sent via USPS:                                        FedEx Deliveries should be sent to:

University of Virginia (or Foundation Name)                        CDS Global                                   
PO Box 37963                                                                      2005 Lakewood Drive
Boone, Iowa 50037                                                              Boone, Iowa 50036      


Wire Transfer

Bank of America Credit to: University of Virginia - Advancement Operations Account

1001 Emmet St. N, Charlottesville, VA  22903-4833

ABA #: 026009593 (Wire)

ABA #: 051000017 (ACH/EFT)

Account #: 435029074310


Full giving options shown on the Ways to Give page. 

Access the Gift Accounting Fundraising Reports on UVA Box.

To utilize CDS’ automated gift processing services school and units will need to update their reply devices for all direct mail sent. Please refer to the CDS Packing and Processing Requirements (PPR) document for processing enhancement details including scanlines, registration marks, and clearance requirements and share with your print house and designers. An example can be found on the Hub here. Reply device job aids and InDesign files can be found as Direct Mail Marketing in the Learning Library. 

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a technology that enables you to convert different types of documents, such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a digital camera into editable and searchable data. UVA’s scanline technology will include 29 distinct characters outlined below:

UVA Scanline layout:

  • Position 1-3          UVA
  • Position 4-13        Donor ID (10-characters)
    • Married donors will automatically receive joint credit; preference to choose the alum for Donor ID
  • Position 14-23      Appeal Code (10-characters)
    • UAS will provide appeal code – request through UAS Helpdesk or Advancement Hub
  • Position 24-28      Default Allocation Code (5-characters)
    • If donor does not select an allocation on the reply device, the default allocation code will be used
  • Position 29           Check Digit Code (CDS provided if using CDS print services)
    • If not CDS, print house vendor can provide based on CDS algorithm

Other design elements for enhancing reply devices outlined in CDS PPR document:

  • Remove CVV from all reply device credit card fields.
  • All scanlines and allocation codes printed on the reply device must to be in OCR-A 10pt font
  • Include registration marks (L-brackets, placed on a document to help imaging equipment capture data)

Reply envelopes:

  • All pre-printed reply envelopes (BREs and others) must include the PO Box address in Boone, IA.
  • You may add your school or unit to the address block (example above).

To ensure your school/unit's reply device is ready for CDS processing, Kim Shook at CDS Global is available to review your art files. 

Reply Envelope Addresses

BRE (business reply envelope/postage paid):                   CRE (courtesy reply envelope stamp affixed):

University of Virginia (or Foundation Name)                      University of Virginia (or Foundation Name)
PO Box 37963                                                                    PO Box 37963
Boone, Iowa 50037-4963                                                   Boone, Iowa 50037-0963   

Sample BRE Envelope Artwork

Need data support help?

Contact Astrid Henriksen in Business Intelligence and Analytics.