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Access over 50 Tableau, Advancement Performance and Advance Web reports. Browse by report name or FAQs the reports answer. If you need assistance with this tool, please contact the Business Intelligence team directly for help. Find Reports >

Get Started with Report Finder Tips

You need to know how to use Advance Web, Advancement Performance or Tableau to run these reports. Learn to use these applications with online courses, videos and job aids that you will find in the Hub Learning Library.


Hover over the arrow next to the description to see sample questions a report answers and a direct link to the report. Note, Advance Web reports will not go directly to the report but instead to the login page of Advance.

Browse by Report Name or Sample Questions

The default view is by report name, but you can also search by the sample questions the reports answer. This acts like an FAQ and you can select the question you are interested in and see which reports answer that question. If someone has already asked similar questions or needed the same information, there’s a good chance you'll find a report here that meets your needs.

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Categories & Applications
  • Select one or more reporting applications to narrow your search.
  • Select one or more categories from the drop-down menu to narrow your search.
Narrow by Key Words Included in Descriptions

Add words, phrases, or even partial words to the Description search field to further narrow your results. These searches are not case sensitive. 

Select Specific Report Names
  • Add words, phrases, or even partial words to the Report Name search field to further narrow your results. Search is not case sensitive. 
  • You can check one or more of the reports you want to include in the results for you to review.