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Simplify Trip Planning & Prospecting

Development officers and administrative staff use EverTrue to make the most of trips, strengthen relationships with constituents, and work more efficiently on desktop or mobile. Use EverTrue to easily filter prospect data, log contact reports using voice to text on mobile, and plan and execute trips.

Mark Luellen, Vice President for Advancement, was featured on this EverTrue podcast with Brent Grinna, CEO of EverTrue. Brent was also a keynote speaker at the 2022 Week of Learning!

Mark Luellen
Get Started

Request your account by submitting a Help Desk ticket.

Activate your account on desktop: After requesting your account, you’ll receive an email inviting you to EverTrue. Follow the instructions in the email, using your NetBadge username and password as well as your LinkedIn username, password, and the email address associated with your LinkedIn account. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, get one before beginning.

Access EverTrue on mobile: Accept your desktop invitation first. Then, follow the same instructions to set up access on your mobile device.

Advance remains our database of record, while EverTrue allows easy access to our data with the ability to add some new data to the mix.

EverTrue and Advance data are synced daily. EverTrue data flows to Advance nightly, and Advance data flows to EverTrue daily. The date and time of the most recent EverTrue update is noted at the bottom left of the EverTrue app.

EverTrue “Interactions” are the same as Advance “Contact Reports.” Since data are shared between the two applications, you’ll be able to view the Interaction/Contact Report in either. For simplicity, we recommend that once you begin a contact report in EverTrue, you complete it there. 

Use EverTrue Comments to write (or voice-to-text) quick notes. EverTrue Comments do not upload into Advance. 

Interactions/Contact Reports should not be deleted in either platform

Upload a list of Advance IDs to create a list in EverTrue. Click "Create New List" on the left navigation. In the box that pops up, name your list and then click the "Remote ID" radio button, under Bulk Add to List. You can then copy and paste the Advance IDs in the box below.

You can use EverTrue to enter proposals that have a maximum of five solicitors and five purposes.

Social media data is integrated into EverTrue to help ensure constituents have a better donor experience. EverTrue only pulls in data from UVA’s social media pages and provides information on which UVA posts constituents have engaged with. See the EverTrue Social Data Usage Guidelines for more information.

Find training opportunities and grow your EverTrue skills with the EverTrue Introduction, EverTrue resources in the Learning Library, and EverTrue University.

New Features and Functionality

You can find donor pledge balance information in EverTrue in the Giving Tab of a constituent's profile. 


Documenting event attendance helps us focus our qualification and cultivation efforts to better serve our constituents. Learn how to quickly match Eventbrite attendees to constituent records and export attendance data from EverTrue. Once you have exported your data from EverTrue you can easily add Eventbrite attendance data to Advance constituent records using the Mass Add feature in Advance.  

EverTrue brings a variety of actionable information to fundraisers in a user-friendly way, including constituent career information drawn from publicly available sources. The resulting EverTrue data is especially important since constituents rarely send us career updates. 

Since EverTrue data is regularly synced with Advance, you get easy access across platforms, the ability to deepen your knowledge about donors and prospects using EverTrue enriched company and industry filters, and you have the ability to add updated career information based on your knowledge of constituents. To add your updates, you may email, or you can suggest an update right from EverTrue - view the job aid


EverTrue provides several options for notifying you of prospect updates. You can set notifications tied to your saved searches that will trigger emails or text messages at a frequency that works for you. Be notified when a new prospect matches the filtering criteria you established for your saved search. You can use this handy feature to be notified to so many things: contacts and gifts related to your assigned prospects, gifts made to your program, prospects who move into a wealthy neighborhood in a market you cover, prospects whose donor and capacity scores increase, and prospects who engage with your UVA Facebook page or attend events. Watch a short video or read more . Remember, in addition to our Advancement tech tools you can also use Google and other free tools to set news alerts on your prospects learn more here.