Inform Your Work with Data

Advance is the database of record for information related to alumni, parents, friends, and donors where data for mailings, events, and prospects is managed. Within Advance, staff may run simple queries and lookups 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Advance Instructions
  1. Supervisors or managers request accounts by submitting a New Hire Account Request Form.
  2. The staff member who will use the account reviews and signs the Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  3. If you need to add rights to an existing account, submit a Help Desk ticket.
  4. The Advance systems account manager will review all requests.
  5. Once approved, the account manager will notify the new team member by email for password set up.
  6. New users may log-in to Advance as soon as they receive their passwords with inquiry access only.
  7. Training is recommended for all users. Please visit the Learning Library and the Community Learning Calendar to explore training subjects, date, and times.
  8. For those accessing data for sharing with volunteers, be sure to review the Volunteer Non-Disclosure Agreement and share with your volunteer/s to secure the appropriate signature/s
  1. Make sure the "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client" has been installed on your computer and that you have your digital certificate installed. Please contact your local IT team member for help or visit the ITS VPN page for more information.
  2. Make sure you have "High Security VPN" showing in the drop down box
    1. PC instructions to check for high security VPN
    2. Mac instructions to check for high security VPN.
  3. The DUO authentication pop-up box will appear. Enter "push" or "phone" in the Password box for DUO authentication.
    • Approve the DUO request on your device
    • Click Accept on the Cisco AnyConnect pop-up box that appears

For staff who need to access other secure systems in addition to Advance, such as ServiceNow and Chrome River, you will use the Joint VPN connection instead of the High Security VPN.

  1. Use one of the links provided below to access the Advance applications. Once you get to the log in page, please bookmark it. If you do not bookmark the log in page, you will have to return here or the emails you received to access the Advance applications:

Where images of scanned files exist to supplement records, you can access them from Perceptive Content (ImageNow). For access, submit a Help Desk ticket.

  • You will need an iKey
  • Connect to the Joint VPN

Use these links for testing and development:

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