Find Your Partner

The University’s schools and units are each assigned an individual liaison officer (an OGP fundraiser) to provide educational and consulting services tailored to the school or unit’s unique planned giving campaign goals and needs. Find yours below, and access contact information for each in the Hub Directory. Just select UA - Gift Planning from the dropdown menu.


Schools and College at Wise

  • School of Architecture: Susan Fersner and Dane Ferré
  • College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences: Elizabeth Lewis and Susan Fersner
  • Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy: Elizabeth Lewis 
  • School of Education and Human Development: Iris Luck and Susan Fersner
  • Darden School of Business: Heather Engel and Dane Ferré
  • School of Engineering and Applied Science: Susan Fersner and Dane Ferré
  • School of Law: Elizabeth Hilles and Dane Ferré
  • McIntire School of Commerce: Dane Ferré, Heather Engel, and Susan Fersner
  • School of Medicine: Erin Hughey-Commers and Elizabeth Hilles 
  • School of Nursing: Erin Hughey-Commers and Elizabeth Hilles 
  • The University of Virginia’s College at Wise: Heather Engel and Iris Luck 


Units and Programs 

  • Alumni Association: Dane Ferré and Susan Fersner 
  • Annual Giving and Engagement: Iris Luck and Kim Wendel 
  • Athletics: Dane Ferré and Susan Fersner
  • Blandy Experimental Farm: Dane Ferré and Susan Fersner 
  • Center for Politics: Elizabeth Lewis 
  • Contemplative Sciences: Elizabeth Hilles and Heather Engel 
  • Faculty/Office of the Provost: Heather Engel and Elizabeth Hilles 
  • The Fralin Museum of Art: Elizabeth Hilles
  • Global Initiatives: Susan Fersner
  • UVA Health: Erin Hughey-Commers and Elizabeth Hilles
  • Jefferson Scholars: Elizabeth Lewis
  • Library: Elizabeth Hilles and Michael Campbell  
  • Madison House: Iris Luck 
  • Miller Center: Elizabeth Lewis 
  • Parents: Elizabeth Lewis 
  • Principal Relationships: Heather Engel and Elizabeth Hilles
  • Rare Book School: Elizabeth Hilles 
  • Reunions: Susan Fersner and Elizabeth Lewis 
  • Scholarships: Susan Fersner
  • Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership: Elizabeth Lewis 
  • Student Affairs: Elizabeth Lewis
  • Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service: Elizabeth Lewis