Marketing Cloud

Manage Marketing Emails

Marketing Cloud is our tool for mass email communications, and nearly all schools and units have transitioned to this robust platform.

For help using Marketing Cloud, submit a Help Desk ticket. See below for account creation information.
After your account has been created, log into Marketing Cloud:
Access training materials in the Hub Learning Library.


If you don't already have a Marketing Cloud account, follow these step-by-step instructions to get started:

Account Creation and Tracking

  1. Request Marketing Cloud accounts for all users on your team by submitting a Help Desk ticket.

  2. Within a few days, you’ll receive an email ticket indicating that your account and sandbox are ready for training.

  3. Please send all future correspondence about your Marketing Cloud training and set up by replying to that email for tracking purposes.


  1. Spend 60 - 90 minutes completing the Marketing Cloud Emails Online Course to learn to create, test, send, and track emails. You and each of your teammates who will use Marketing Cloud will need to complete this training.

  2. Once everyone has completed the step above, reply to your email ticket to let us know. We’ll then turn off your sandbox and set up access to your official account.

  3. Plan to meet with the Advancement Digital Team to answer remaining questions and outline your recipients needs. 

  4. We’ll then set up Marketing Cloud data extensions and other tools for your team.

Using Marketing Cloud

  1. Set up your first email, and work with the Advancement Digital Team to complete your first send.

  2. Use the Marketing Cloud Email Tips and Demo Videos as a reference as needed. Both are available from the Advancement Hub Learning Library for easy access.

  3. For additional help, use the Advancement Hub Help & Accounts form at the top of each Hub page. We’re happy to lend a hand at any time!

Need help with marketing emails? Contact Chase Sylvia.