The Rotunda Society recognizes loyal supporters who have made annual cumulative and outright gifts of $2,500 or more to any UVA school or program. Alumni who have completed degrees in the last five years are recognized for their gifts of $1,000 or more. The Rotunda Society qualifies donors for their gifts to all areas of UVA. Schools and many independent programs also have their own giving societies which recognize donors who support their programs with individual qualification levels.

The Rotunda Society encompasses pan-University giving—enabling donors to channel their giving to the schools and programs about which they are most passionate. Complex levels and names within the society have been eliminated, ensuring all members are recognized for their support of UVA. Donors are qualified on an annual basis.

Q & A 

What is a pan-University giving society? 

  • The Rotunda Society is a pan-University giving society, meaning it recognizes gifts that are allocated to any school or independent program. For example, if someone donates $1,500 to Arts & Sciences and $1,000 to the Law School within one year, the total donation qualifies her to become a member. 

Why does the Rotunda Society not have levels of recognition? 

  • The University’s schools and units also have their own giving societies which recognize donors with individual qualification levels. The Rotunda Society elected to do away with complex levels and names to minimize confusion and to ensure all members are recognized as giving to the University of Virginia. 

What benefits do Rotunda Society members receive? 

  • Membership provides the opportunity to attend exclusive University events and receive annual publications that share the remarkable accomplishments of UVA students and faculty.

How long is are memberships?

  • The Rotunda Society qualifies individuals on an annual basis and will provide them membership for a year from when their gift was made. 

Who do I contact for more information?

  • Please contact Caroline Kelly in Donor Relations for more information.