Published on November 1, 2023

TekTok: Give Blinkist a Try

If you like to read, consider starting your next chapter with Blinkist.

Offers 5,000 non-fiction books summarized in a “Blink” -- a ~20-minute distilled version of the original title.

Provides longer “Guides” on topics such as Learn to be a Leader with Scott Miller and Daniel Pink’s Learn the New ABC of Sales and Persuasion.

A great life hack, and the perfect way to connect individuals and teams on shared topics.

We are reading Team Topologies (19 minutes) which we will discuss during our next scheduled meeting. The QR code below will get you and your team members a free month of Blinkist.

QR code for Blinkist


Let us know how you like Blinkist and how you’d like to use it for your professional development.